John Rickert

 John Rickert, Principal and Executive Managing Director, SVN-RICORE was asked what his Top 10 Take Aways from the SVN National Conference were.  In true fashion, here are his 11!

 1. Recruiting our own people all the time.

 2. Surprise and delight your clients.

 3. Using our business as a force for good. Smarter Business, Better World, Best Result. 

 4. Create a culture where winners are liked in the office.

 5. Wall Street quality services to Main Street customers. 

 6. We need to have a teaching and learning culture. Our value proposition must involve training. 

 7. Think boldly – do not embrace the status quo.

 8. Message of shared value. Shared Value Network (SVN).

 9. Aligning purpose with profit. Fierce, conscientious, capitalist. 

10. Creating amazing value with our clients, colleagues and community. 

11. Industry wide network of trust.