Client Testimonials

John and the SVN | RICORE team provide exceptional service to BlackEagle.  We regularly rely upon SVN | RICORE across multiple commercial real estate disciplines – construction, brokerage and property manangement.  They have been an excellen resource for BlackEagle.

Debra Morgan,

Founder and Managing Partner, BlackEagle Real Estate Partners

Hi Kim! It was a pleasure talking with you. Thank you for giving us a nice building to enjoy work in. This really helps us to stay focused on business.
Having a staff that owns the asset is a huge benefit. Your building engineer James is always available to serve and does a great job of handling any request no matter how small. Knowing his work load that is not an easy task. Even while turning a wrench he takes the time to understand our needs and always delivers exceedingly of our expectation.

It’s not easy finding a strong candidate such as James. Know that we appreciate all that he does to keep the building in excellent condition along with a strong service level.
Thank you for helping us in business as we plan to continue to assist your team in keeping a professional environment to work in.

Please contact me anytime if I can do anything to assist as well.

Marc Guidry
TFS Regional Facility Coordinator Central/Eastern USA 

Hi John,

I have reviewed your proposal (which was very well put together by the way) and would like to schedule some time to talk on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday.  We can do in person here at our office in Columbus, or we can do via telephone.  Either way works for me.


Josh McCune

Construction Project Manager, Olshan Properties

Good Morning SVN Team,

I wanted to sincerely thank you for your efforts and success on the Atrium Medical Office properties. This was definitely a challenging asset and you collectively, as a team, took on this challenge and exceeded all expectations. We were lucky to work together with your team on execution of this business plan. Thank you for your patience, behind the scenes hard work and dedication to achieving the goal.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if I can help with anything you are working on. I am more than willing to provide any personal recommendations to your current and future clients. Please stay in touch. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Kevin Moosbrugger

Associate Vice President , Colony NorthStar, Inc.

Kim, I want to let you know how much I appreciate the work your team did Saturday with the water problems and subsequent clean-up.  Chris obviously dove right in, but I’d really like to recognize your after-hours phone group and (especially) the janitorial staff already on-site.  Their help, and the attitude with which they helped, was not just important in the clean-up but also meaningful to how all of our people here (including me) felt about the situation getting back under control.

Your team did good work here this weekend.  Please pass my thanks on.

Peter Korda

SVP Operations, Facility Source Columbus Ohio

Alice, You are the best property manager we have, so thank you for all that you do!

Katharine Harrison

REO Asset Manager, Colony Capital

I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how the lighting upgrade went.

Jerry and his crew were great!  They worked with and around us seamlessly.  They cleaned up after they were done each day.  Jim and Jacob were very pleasant to work with.  They made sure I knew what they were doing daily and if anything unusual came up they were all over it.  They never complained if my guys had to get to a part or if they were inconvenienced they never said anything.

The lighting is a major improvement to our operation.  I expect to save electric costs.  Our customers and employees have praised the new, brighter lighting.  One of my guys today commented that when we were doing inventory the new lights didn’t seem as hot when he was working close to them.

Thank you for this improvement and thank you for sending a company in who was super to work with.


Tony L. Horman

Operations Supervisor, Indianapolis Service Center

Yesterday our dean noticed that some lights were burned out in the ladies room, as well as a problem with a toilet paper dispenser.  When she told me, I called our Security, Bill Slomer, who spoke with Aaron (not sure if I am spelling his name correctly.)  We just wanted you to know that the problems were immediately corrected, and that we really enjoy the high level of customer service that he always provides.  Thank you for all you do to make working and going to school in our building a nice experience.  Have a great day!


Joyce Bucci (on behalf of Melisa Lepard)

Receptionist / Galen College of Nursing, 100 E Business Way

Thanks for sending (the VA Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, The approval to use your suite is only conditional in reference to exterior work items. The VA suite is approved without conditions.)

Great job completing this project on time! We appreciate the extraordinary efforts made by you and the RICORE team on this difficult lease and project.

Have a nice weekend

Steven Bergman

Ownership, 2720 Airport Road, Columbus Ohio


Way to GO!!! Congratulations!

Customer Service is a vital part of everyday life! Way to keep the clients happy!

This response was from ownership relating to the following from a Tenant in Summit Woods I:

Rita Carpenter

Executive Assistant-Operations Coordinator


“Big shout out to Aaron for all his efforts to work with us through our issues. He does an amazing job and is always on the ball. We appreciate him!”

Cindy Lofton

Operations Manager of Advisor Insurance Solutions

Chris Klamar always does a great job! The level of continuous customer service that he provides us above par. Thank you!

Vinisha Lai

Proteam Solutions, Inc., Columbus, Ohio

Dear friends:

I write today with great excitement to share that all of our neighborhood proposals were passed by Cincinnati City Council and will be funded in our 2017 fiscal budget. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your time, energy, support, and most importantly, for your input and voice.

With your help, we were able to identify meaningful and transformative projects that would most benefit our communities. This investment will bring renewal and energy into our neighborhoods. The support of dedicated neighbors like you has allowed these proposals to come to fruition. I look forward to working with you in the future and I am excited to watch our neighborhoods prosper together.

Thank you for your support.


John Cranley

Mayor, City of Cincinnati

Kim, Melissa & Rob,

Just wanted to send your company a huge thank you! We have noticed a huge difference in a small amount of time. Cleaning seems to be better, the plant removal in the “common areas”, and just in general! You are making a wonderful impression so far, in a very short amount of time. Thank you all!!!!

Make it a Great day!

Rachel Laney

Executive Assistant to the CEO & President/Manager of Administration , Home Helpers & Direct Link

On behalf of Melisa Lepard, our program director and Marshall Moore, Director of Campus Operations, at Galen College of Nursing, we would like to express appreciation for your attentive and quick response to our recent needs.  On an especially dark morning I noticed that the lights in the parking lot were not on.  Our security guard told me that they are turned off at 7:30 am.  I made a phone call to inquire about this and the next morning was happy to notice that the lights were on, allowing me to see the entrance to the lot and drive to my spot more safely.  Another day when all the soap dispensers suddenly seemed to be malfunctioning, you were able to restore them to proper working order in no time at all.  Also, during the cold weather when some of our rooms were uncomfortable, you promptly sent out a serviceperson who was very considerate and did his best to make these rooms warmer.  When you have to sit at a desk all day, it really helps productivity if the temperature is in an acceptable range!

We really appreciate the change we have seen in the management of the building under your leadership.  We wish you all the best and a very happy New Year!

Joyce Bucci

Receptionist, Galen College of Nursing


The ceiling tiles are all taken care of. What a great employee Jesse (Lewis) is! He was on time, polite and very efficient … and clearly loves working for SVN, he spoke very highly of the company and of you as his boss.

Again, thank you for the prompt attention to the roof and ceiling issues.

Mel Thompson

Hilliard Taekwondo Academy, Darby Town Center

John – It has been a real case study to see how this asset was repositioned, and the forecasting that is put into planning for the future stability and success of this investment property. My compliments to you, your team, and to the Bergman team and Michael. Thanks year end update and the news of the coming distribution and next year’s plans.


Thomas J. Winstel

President & CEO, Engineering Excellence Regional Services

The team has and continues to do a very good job for us. We knew from the outset that there are always some extra challenges with property taken back from the borrower; that said the SVN-RICORE team has stepped up admirably.

Best for a great Thanksgiving to all of you in Cincinnati.

David Furney

Real Estate Asset Manager, Sentinel Asset Management, Inc.

John Rickert is professional, intelligent and creative in all his business dealings. John has assembled an excellent team that is both courteous and talented. I have been working with John and his team for over 5 years and they have always done a fine job and performed beyond expectations. It is most important to note that John is an honorable person whose character is exemplary and worthy of trust. It is a real pleasure to work with John and his team.

Franz Stanbury

MCP Director, Real Estate Development – Uptown Consortium, Inc.

“Aaron (Egerton), thank you very much for getting the problem taken care of so quickly! Each time I have called about a problem you have let me know what action you will be taking, when you are onsite, what you are going to need to do in order to fix it and a time frame. I know I am not the first person to tell you this but you are excellent at your job!!! I truly appreciate the work you do.”

Angela K. Williams-Watson

Center Manager, Executive Office Place

Dear Tony and John:

Before too much time has passes, I want to thank you for the delicious dinner last week at Maestros.   The food, the background music, and most importantly, the company, was all excellent!   We all had a very good time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Everyone commented how fun and relaxing it felt to be with colleagues and friends out of the office – something we rarely do because of our schedules. (Dinner was also a special treat for the asset managers who were working on cash flows all of last week!)

As we continue our relationship, I would also like to express my sincere thank you for the stellar work that SVN’s sales, management and accounting teams have continued to provide to Colony. You have not only worked with us on fine tuning the process but you have consistently been responsive to our evolving needs and policy changes. For that, we are most grateful and would like you to express our appreciation to everyone at SVN|RICORE.

Lastly, please let Mark know that we missed not seeing him on this trip. We understand that Mark is needed at home-base since we too rely on him as being our first responder to Colony’s questions.

Again, thank you for everything that you have done and continue to do for us here at Colony!

Best, Val

Val Mitsue Muraoka

Director, REO Management – Colony AMC

“I wanted to report back to you and let you know how the showing went today. I would say, well! Joe Gilligan and Tom Davenport, the facility Manager were most helpful. Once we find out that the building will work, it will then be time to work through a proposal and for us to approach the City and State for incentives.

I can’t tell you how helpful Joe Gilligan was. He has a great knowledge of the building and I feel he can prove most helpful in the process. If I could have one outside broker to come work in our office, it would be Joe Gilligan. I just thought you would like to know this. Thank you.”

Laurence R. Bergman

President/CEO, NAI Bergman

“Val and I would like to say congrats on a great closing for the month of February!. All of your hard work and diligence has paid off and we can now focus on keeping the roll going and looking forward to ever greater successes. I thank you all so very much. You have made me proud. Hilke came to tell me personally that Mark did perfect and I had to give her a hug and it brought tears to my eyes to hear such good news. Thanks for making my day!!!!!”

Karen Butler

REO Coordinator, Colony AMC

“I just want to tell you that Aaron Egerton is a breath of fresh air! I really enjoy working with him. Have a great day!”

Dianne Stansifer, Practice Manager, Mid Ohio Pulmonary and Sleep Associates

“John, we have now closed and I’ve confirmed that our bank has received the funds. Please let me know if everything goes through on your end. Thank you for being a true professional and allowing us to partner with you. It was a true pleasure working with you!”

Jamie M. Ryan, Esq.

Vice President, Commercial Property Services

“Thank you for your generous gift to the Avondale Community! By providing lights to the Avondale Pride Mural, the art is truly showcased and more joy is spread to Avondale. Both our staff and Board members appreciate your support for our mission, vision, and mural. We had a wonderful year in 2011, especially because of thoughtful organizations such as yours.”

“Your gift has brought more awareness to Avondale. People are at the heart of all ArtWorks projects — from the student Apprentices, professional artists and managers who are employed to create public art, to the casual passers-by who appreciate how we are transforming our communities. You have made Avondale just a little brighter for all of us.”

Tamara Harkavy, Colleen Houston

Directors, ArtWorks

“Since 1998 John Rickert and professional real estate teams John has assembled have worked for Cabot and its affiliated entities to manage, lease and construct improvements for flex, multi-tenant and bulk industrial buildings over much of the United States. During our time as a REIT, John was responsible for the management of a $1 billion portfolio with hundreds of tenants, many of whom are significant consumers of industrial space throughout the United States and could be ideal lessees or owner/users for the Monroe industrial asset.

John has continued with Cabot, more recently, providing for our third party property management needs while he built his company from a seed of industrial assets to a firm of over 30 employees servicing 7.5 million feet of management, leasing and investment sale assignments. He has plugged into the SVN national network which has allowed his organization to expose their leasing and investment sale assignments nationally using the commercial real estate industry’s most technologically efficient marketing systems.

I can assure you that very few people know state-of-the-art-built industrial assets the way John does. He and his team know users, speak their language and have the tenacity and initiative to source a deal, promote it and see it through to completion in even the most difficult of circumstances.

Cabot Properties would certainly be on the A List of buyers for the Monroe industrial building and/or the associated land. We would feel most confident with the SVN-RICORE Investment Management representation of this asset and would look forward to yet another opportunity to work with this firm.”

Howard Hodgson

Partner & Executive Vice President, Asset Management, CABOT PROPERTIES, INC.